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Water Bottling
Business Opportunity

Did you know that many water bottling facilities bottle water under private label agreements?

While this may seem like useless trivia to most, it certainly is useful information for anyone seeking to start a business wholesaling or retailing bottled water, especially on a limited startup capital basis. Fifty years from now the overnight millionaires and billionaires will not be conquering heroes of tech startups, but rather entrepreneurs that had the foresight to start businesses in the water supply or recycling industries.The world’s population now stands at more than six billion people, half of which don’t currently have access to clean drinking water.

As the world’s population expands, this disastrous situation isn’t going to improve. It’s possible to get into the bottled water sales business now with a limited startup investment and grow the business from the profits that are earned until the business can be expanded to the point that water bottling and purchasing water rights for bottling can be accomplished. The water bottling business is the fastest-growing part of the beverage business and can be very profitable if done right.The world population is now over six billion people with many people not having access to clean drinking water that is one big market!

The booming water market has been call many different names like “the oil of the 21th century”,” liquid gold”, “ blue gold” and has become over a 50 billion dollar a year business. Just about all of the major drink companies like Coke, Pepsi, Nestle, Starbucks and even Anheuser-Busch have large investments in the drinking water business. With the world water sources getting more polluted every day the demand is also increases every day.The bottled water business is a business that is going to be in demand for many of hundreds of years to come. To have a profitable water bottling company you must do your research and write a business plan to make sure the business will be successful. Everywhere you go the plan needs to fit into the local market.

Here are a few of the most important points to think about for your business plan.

1. What type and size of water bottling plant do I want to put in and what is the real cost? Would be a refilling plant or a small bottle plant?

2. Is the product going to be affordable to the customer? You will not be able to sell much water if the people don’t have the money to buy it.
3. Will you need to make your own bottles?

4. Where will I get my supplies such as bottles and caps, how long would it take to get them? Many times you may have to wait weeks to get your supplies.

5. What is the true cost of the bottled water you will be selling? You need to look at the labor, bottle and cap, electrical, taxes, insurance if you have trucks the cost to run and maintain them.
6. Is the water supply and electrical supply on all the time, do you need a well (borehole) and generator?
7. How much water do you need to sell to make a profit on the whole business?
8. What is my competition and what are they doing?
9. How will my product stand out and why would people buy my product?
10. How and when will you get paid for your product?
11. Are the building and location good in the proper location? This makes your cost go way up if you need to deliver far away. Does it need an electrical upgrade? Taking all these elements into consideration is important when entering the bottled water industry and establishing your own water bottling plant. Please call us if you would like any more information on establishing a bottled water operation. We are happy to help you in any way we can to ensure that your bottled water project is a success.



2000 BPH Water Filling Machine


Semi-Auto Blowing Machine


Water Vending Machine

As the water quality deteriorates on the African Continent, More and more people can see the need for Pure Water. As you know, for life, water is more important than sunlight. People are dying with water-born diseases and simply cannot afford bottled water. We have the solution to this problem. The solution refills.Bottled water is expensive because of the cost of the bottle and transportation cost of the bottles. Our solution is to set up mini plants at various points all over the country. This eliminates the expensive cost of transporting water, and also the customer can use their own bottles.

Not only does this cut down the cost of the bottle, but this also saves the planet. Fewer Bottles will be produced thus lowering our carbon footprint.Bottled water has the potential to grow bacteria. Sometimes Bottled water can lie months, even years before being sold. Our plan is to sell the water directly out of the tap, at around R 0,99 per liter. The pure water is now very affordable and also “fresh” out the tap. Purified at the point of use. Franchises have good marketing concepts but have very high setup costs.

There are also many restrictions and not forgetting the royalties that must be paid. Most franchises offer products that are generally higher priced than the rest of the market, thus making if very difficult to sell their products. Puritech offers you a tailor-made solution to meet your budget.We offer to start up systems at a very low cost for you to test the market first. We are truly the experts in the field of water shops. No company in Africa has sold as many systems like us. We offer full training and advice. Our motto is to help our customers. If you grow, then we grow.



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