The Water Bar

the water bar

Water Bar Setup In A Water Shop

The water bar is a basic entry level water business startup pack. It consists of:

  • 400 GPD Reverse Osmosis System
  • 200L Glass Tank
  • Float Switch
  • Granite Top
  • Stainless Steel Stand
  • Urn Tap
  • Blue LED Lights
  • Air Pump with bubble pipe to create Bubbles
  • Ozone or UV Sterilizer


A Water Bar?

Many people do not trust their tap water and will opt for purified water. Buying bottled water can be costly. A 500ml bottle can cost between R10 and R20. Our concept is to sell bottled water from your water bar, but also offer refill service where customers can bring back the bottle and refill for a small charge.

This is the eco friendly way to buy bottled water, reducing your carbon footprint and reusing your plastic bottles.

Our target market for the water bar is people starting a water business with limited capital. This is ideal for setting up in grocery shops, petrol stations and convenient  stores; in fact any shop can have this installed.
We offer installation and maintenance.

Who should be interested in the water bar?

How Goes It Work?

It is a Reverse Osmosis System purification system connected to a 200L glass tank. The glass tank has a tap that dispenses water. The water Can Be sold per liter, or if you are a business that wants to offer pure water to your clients, just setup in a communal area.

Water Bar Gallery

Water Bar
The Water Bar
Water Filling In The 200L Water Bar Glass Tank
Water Bar On Stand
Water Bar In A Water Shop
Water Bar Setup In A Water Shop
Water Bar In A Water Shop
100L Water Bar